Lip Makeup Ideas

Hey there! If you are into makeup, then chances are that you already know that lips are the most important part of our face. In fact, when it comes to makeup, choosing the right lipstick is a very important matter since our lips is the most attractive part of our faces. The way in which you use lipstick can change drastically the overall of the look you’ve chosen. Thus, there are many women out there who want to experiment with quirky lipsticks in order to make their looks much more original and draw attention to their lips. Let’s take a look at some quirky and very creative Lip Makeup Ideas:

  • Textured lips: Textured lips are really trendy. To make this creative idea a reality, you will need to apply a dark color lipstick first and then, use studs on your lips. This look is ideal for parties and night gatherings. 
  • Color melange art for lips: For this look you will need to use a dark lipstick too. Then, you will need to add some studs. Also, remember to mix different colors for an edgier look.
  • Watermelon lips: For this lip makeup you will need to apply a green lipstick on the outside corners of your lips.